Should I just get my Realestate liscense ?

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I am considering my realestate liscense. I am new here and not receiving correct answers. I saw a video about doing prison time for wholesaling, started to wholesale but one cash buyer didn’t tell me how it works. I have 6 right now they did explain to me but I have many questions.I own a business on the side, working on Bachelor degree, also thinking of getting realestate liscense. I did take one of them years ago but did not finish. I want to understand the knowledge of how to sell . I also need to know of the laws, regulations, and everything involved. Should I consider this?

@Lynne Garris Yes , get your licence, you will make more money to start with and it is a great career. Wholesaling is a different, and done right is lucrative, done wrong and yes you can do prison time.

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