What is the best skip tracing service for bulk batches

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Yes I have looked on the forums and haven't found any answers. I'm looking for an instant bulk skip tracing provider that will run a list for less than $50 so I can see if the numbers are accurate before buying more. I would like to run a sample list first with maybe 20 or 30 numbers with my name and address included to see if it will provide the right phone number. Does anyone know of an affordable bulk skip tracing service that doesn't require a minimum of over $50 at first?

datazapp.com charges 3 cents for both phone numbers and email addresses.  They are fast and the service is as good as any I've used. They have a $125 minimum order (4166 records, or something like that). If you pay them $250 in advance for one month you can place as many orders as you want until you reach 6,000 records.

I've used many services and the results are about the same. For every 3,000 records you will get a return of about 1,000 email addresses and 1,000 phone numbers. When you call the phone numbers don't expect many people to answer their phones. Maybe, about 30% of the phone numbers are no longer in service, or the phone number now belongs to someone else. For email, expect to get about 30% of them returned as non-deliverable. It is just the way the business works.

I like email much better than letters because the results for both emails and letters is very bad. If you are sending letters to pre-foreclosures you should know that about 95% of the foreclosures get cancelled. That means, 95% of the letters you send are going to the wrong people. Expect to get less than 1 response for every 1,000 letters that will cost you about $600 with stamps, envelopes and paper. I have been doing direct mail for more than 50 years and I am still waiting for someone to show me a letter that gets a better response.

The nice thing about sending bulk email is you can send them from your computer in-house for free and you can send an email 3 to 5 times.

I use propertyradar.com to download my list of pre-foreclosures. The list has the owner's names, but no phone nor email address. Then you need to convert the Excel list to a comma delimited file and send the list to datazapp.com. You can also download lists of pre-foreclosures from auction.com, but the list has no names.

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