out of country financing options

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Hi all,

I'm not looking for a specific lender but just want to know if anyone is aware of a lending option for out of country investments? I understand why US banks don't lend on foreign properties, because when it comes to foreclose, it's not easy, and different rules/regulations of other countries etc.

Has anyone financed a foreign property with a bank, credit union, lender of any kind from the US?  If you have done this or know someone who has, I'd greatly appreciate a private message. I'm not soliciting or asking specifics here on this post, I just want to know if people have done it, and we can private message from there if needed.

Greg J

Are you thinking foreign investors, investing in the US? 

Or US citizens investing in other countries? 

@Greg Junge

@Greg Junge

Oh ok. That isn’t something I have any experience with. Only foreign investors buying here in the US.

Maybe some other lenders will have an answer on this one?