Current Best Markets

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I'm currently located in Hoboken, NJ and looking to invest in properties out of state for around $100k~$200k, with minimum to even cashflow and not in war zones.

Do you guys know where the good markets are for that currently? (Would love to talk to some wholesellers as well!)

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Wallace Zhen , you are located in a great town, but I agree that 100-200k doesn't go very far there.  I'd look at markets in the Southeast US, where there's a good amount of migration and job growth.   Atlanta metro, Nashville, and Lexington come to mind as strong markets, but there are dozens of strong metro's, and submarkets on those metros that fit your terms above.   Let me know what you find out!  Would love to work with another Hobokenite.

I'd say you need to narrow in on your goals. At that price point you could invest in a small number of appreciation markets which would be the only reason to be okay with minimal to no cashflow. If you increased your budget to say 300k, a lot more inventory would be available to you.

It'll be much easier to find cashflowing markets that fit that price, but it doesn't seem like cashflow is a main factor for you. So I'd figure out what aligns more with your investment goals, appreciation or cashflow? You rarely, rarely see both especially with where we are in the market cycle.