Strategy for selling land in Cape Coral

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I have been holding some land parcels in Cape Coral since 2006 or so.  I am ready to sell them for multiple reasons.  I am interested in your thoughts on how to sell them within a few months without just giving them away to a wholesale broker.  I get letters in the mail every week with offers to buy them at no cost to me..... and no proceeds to me.  Thanks for  your thoughts on how to get them sold.  Thanks

Keith, Thanks for your question. 

There are a number of techniques to get your land sold quickly for maximum net-profits. It depends on multiple factors. One of my favorite techniques is doing reverse offers. This is where you write up offers to sell land to individuals who would likely be interested in buying it. Often times a homeowner will buy the lot next door just to make sure no one builds on it. Additionally, builders are always looking to acquire buildable land to sell as a package to buyers. I agree with Wayne, MLS is the best way but with so much land available you need to be proactive to sell it fast.

Let me know if you have any more questions.