MLS Tax Auction Help

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Hi guys, I'm looking at going into Tax auctions in Michigan soon. I've been told that there are separate listings to those who deposit 10k refundable than those that do not. I've done flip homes and turnkey doors in the area, however I'm new to Tax auctions. I'm hoping I can get some pointers from those who have done this in michigan. Any help would be much appreciated. Have any of you attended any auctions? Are there websites that allow us to bid on tax auction properties?  Please contact me if you want to share resources. I have reliable contractors and management companies. I've been through alot of them and wouldnt want you guys to make the same mistakes. Thanks for reading this. =)

Separate listings if you deposit 10k? Sounds like scam to me. You can start with the treasurer in the county you want to buy in. They will have the information as far as how they conduct their auctions (online, in person, etc.).

hi emily,  thanks for the reply! this is what i’ve heard from forums for the detroit area. so mls tax auction doesn’t have 10k deposit in order to bid? 

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