Best Text Blasting Service?

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I'm a wholesaler on track to move 150 properties this year. Name of the game for me is speed to move the contract.

Currently I have a mass email marketing platform that works well but no one checks their email as much as their texts. I'm looking to categorize my buyers and blast out a text message to specific groups whenever I get a property that fits their criteria.

I'm sure services like this exist out there but I'm looking for the most cost effective one and I'd rather hear the best from you guys rather than from the salesman pitching their product.

Does anyone use a platform like this and how does it perform for you?

@Sean Mattis interested and following this. I have been looking as well and have started free trials for both JookSMS and EZTexting. I will try and remember to come back and update what I find out in a week or two of testing out both platforms.

I personally use the mass text capabilities through my Resident RE CRM.

However I have a few friends who wholesale and invest and use Mobile Monkey to mass text and from what they say the price is pretty reasonable. Hope this helps.