I'd love to hear what the lead measures for your marketing campaigns are. Will you share? I'm working on defining the daily/weekly/monthly key measures I want to adopt and hold myself accountable to in order to grow my real-estate business. My goal is to go full-time and step away from the W-2 by the end of 2020 using the BRRRR strategy while flipping/possibly building houses along the way to put food on the table until the rental income is built up enough to take the next step. I secured my first deal door-knocking pre foreclosures during a short season of unemployment. Now, I work a full-time job again which limits my guerrilla marketing time.

I will still knock on doors in the evenings and weekends but I definitely have less time/energy and want to leverage other resources and work smart *and* hard for deal 2, 3, 15, 50 etc.

How many deals do you analyze weekly? How many offers are you making each month? What marketing efforts are you spending time/money on? How do you define success in your marketing efforts? (I'm looking for more granular metrics here, vs. "by the # of deals I get").

Thank you for sharing!