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I’m new to real estate investing. I really am looking to buy a property before the end of this year. I want to know the best place to find deals. Any advice would be appreciated.

@Timothy Martin Find a local investor friendly real estate agent and have them send you both off market deals and MLS deals. You'll need to know your criteria - i.e. single family, multi family, bed, baths, etc. You can also connect with wholesalers in your area to find off market deals. There are tons of ways to find deals - I recommend searching through the forums and reading all that you can. People have some very good ideas.

@Timothy Martin - what @Danielle Wolter said!

There are lots of places to find deals - first, you need to define what a deal is so you can share that with agents, wholesalers and whoever else you talk to.

I’d highly recommend listening to the podcasts, attending some of the webinars and even reading the BP books. There is a wealth of info on here, you just have to dive in!

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Spend a few hours on making a plan.  You have a goal of buying a property by end of the year. That is a good goal.  Now go with that.  Do you want to rent it out or flip it?  Do you want to buy near you or somewhere in FL? How much money do you have for this property?  Spend a few hours reading these postings, listening to podcasts, talking to others and you should have a better idea on how to make a plan and why you want to buy a property by end of the year.