Closing Attorney Never Bought Title Insurance Policy

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Hey BP - looking for some advice on this one.

I bought a house at the end of June in an area I have not done business before. Through referrals, we settled using a local RE attorney. On the HUD and in the final settlements, I paid for buyer and lender title insurance.

2 months later, I realize that I still haven't received the title policy in the mail - The title ins company has nothing on file for the property address or the attorney.  I reach out to the attorney and they say the have finally got around to "closing out the last 2 months and I should have it next week"

As you can imagine, last week came and went with no policy.  Now the attorney and his paralegal are not returning calls or emails.  All of this trouble over $150.  

What would you guys do in this case to obtain a title ins policy? Pay another firm to complete another title search and go from there?  



I think you need to protect yourself first and your plan sounds good.

Next, I would contact the local Bar Association and file a complaint.

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Some title companies / attorneys issue instant policies right after the closing. Others wait until they have recorded and indexed docs back... and that can take a while depending on the jurisdiction and the backlog with the clerk.

If you paid for the policy you can eventually demand it from the title insurer identified on the settlement statement and the commitment -- but unless there is a need to make a title claim now, I would not worry about the delay.