Investments around Raleigh, NC

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My dad and I are looking into acquiring a buy and hold property around the Raleigh area. We have talked briefly about doing a value-add project in Durham, but the crime rates seem to be a huge turnoff. The Apex area is a bit saturated, so we have considered looking into Holly Springs, and Fuquay-Varina. Does anyone have past, or current experience with investing in these areas, if so I would be happy to hear of the investment? I have also heard of people investing in areas like Fayetteville and Greensboro when deals are too scarce in the Triangle area. What kinds of investments are y'all seeing around the Piedmont area?

@Roger Verastegui what are your investment goals? That’s probably the best place to start to help you narrow down your areas of interest. Raleigh and Durham are relatively high appreciation markets so you may not hit your cash flow goals month to month but there’s plenty of fix and flips activities, and out of state investors shoring up capital in properties they will hold for dispositions years down the road. Fayetteville and Rocky Mount on the other hand are drastically different markets with underlying demographic, economic growth and median income / market rent levels that are more cash-flow friendly. Do your research on neighborhoodscout, city-data etc. to get a general idea of what’s influencing these RE markets in addition to getting BP folks perspective. Durham certainly is not full of crimes, there are neighborhoods that have appreciated two/three folds in the last five years.