Leander or Round Rock in Austin? Which area will appreciate more?

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This is a question for folks who are knowledgeable about the Austin property market. Between Leander or Round Rock- which area will appreciate more in the next 10 years?



My vote is for Leander. The rail network has huge scope for the future. New Apple campus would positively affect Leander more than RR. Also there is a different vibe wrt Leander more of a young family suburbs when compared to RR. More land to develop as well.

that being said you can't go wrong on either of these places.

This is hard to say either way.  Both areas have positives going for it.  I would guess whichever area has the highest potential population growth.  I think there will be no clear cut winner and in the big scheme, there will be little difference between the two.  As mentioned earlier, Leander has the Apple growth as a big impact but Round Rock has the HWY 35 corridor expansion, new water park expansion etc.  I don't think over the next 10 years you could hang your hat on either one will be better than the other, but I think you can say they both will be great!