Best Agent/Client Gifts???

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What is the best gift anyone has given or received from their agent upon closing on a property? What WOULD be the best? I hear Cutco knives are sexy right now.

Right now I'm in the beginning stages of my real estate sales career so I know this method will change over time but I like to try to make it personal to the client.  My thought process is if I can pick up on something within small talk/conversation about a hobby of the clients or etc it will show that I listen and hopefully really impress that client.  At the end of the day, referrals and word of mouth advertising is what you want as a real estate agent and so I'm hoping that my current method helps with that.  

As you get more established I know this method is not really feasible and therefore you need to do more generic gifts and so I'm starting to think about things that are more generic yet practical to most people.  I think whatever you get should be definitely have your branding on it.

In my market the average home price is under 250k, but I get my clients a gift card and then a nice christmas ornament on year 1, and have a follow up system in place for years 2-10.  Ive never had someone complain about those, and I do get lots of thank yous come holiday time. 

While I didn't receive anything upon closing.  I did receive a huge turkey for both Thanksgiving and Christmas hand delivered by my realtor.  I thought it was thoughtful.