$10,000, what would you do ?

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Good morning BP family,

I am coming into a small inheritance. My parents were simple folks. Did not need much, didn’t have many earthly possessions, but saved enough to give their children a small inheritance. They lived a long and happy life. Unfortunately this year was the end of life on earth for my father who spent the last 18 months of his life mourning the loss of our mother.

Being the youngest sibling of nine children, I know it is my duty to grow this small amount into a fortune in which I can pay it forward to those who are in need. I have been able to provide a comfortable life for my wife and daughters who I am indebted to greatly. I owe them even more in this life as I am not a perfect man by any accounts. I am looking at real estate investing because of the many opportunities for wealth building it provides.

I am unsure where to turn as I have yet to find the right people to be around. I have attended many REIA's in the area but haven't been able to connect fully yet with the right people. I will continue to do this until I can connect with those who enjoy building lasting relationships. Until then my question is ....

What would you do with an extra $10,000 as to not lose it to dumb decisions?

If you think you’re responsible enough to just keep it in the bank it would make the house buying easier once you found the right property. If not, a short term bond could work? Short enough that you’ll be able to buy when you’re more educated and ready.