Accurate List of Multifamily Buildings within Zipcode,County etc?

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Hi All,

I am researching multifamily apartment buildings under <25 units and looking to have an accurate list of these buildings within a specified zip code, county or city. i.e owner, building address, importantly - #of apartment units etc. 

Please, are there any alternative or very accurate data/methods/services apart from listsource to get such detailed information? 

Please comment and advise, any pointers are appreciated 

Thank you!!

@Taiwo Okusaga It will be difficult to get 100% accuracy, however sources like melissadata and list service providers will give the information quickly for a fee. You can take an alternative slower route and search through the government published data online (tax records and etc, but it will take you some time to sift through that). Other sources include reonomy and costar.