Request help with technical question regarding multi units

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My question is in regard to what the government secured loans define as suitable. The property is three structures. One duplex that is 3/2 on each side. Two single-family that are both 2/2. They are co-located but wired separately. There is a space between each structure. 

This is not a traditional quadruplex or fourplex etc. I want to know if it can be treated as a quadruplex if all are purchased together. As I said, they are not attached,

My question is this: would someone know what rules and definitions FHA and HUD (where to find, a link to would be fantastic and greatly appreciated) apply to FHA financing?

I would claim one of the units as my primary residence and rent out the others. I am looking for a non-commercial loan, with a lower interest rate, lower down payment percentage, etc. 

Maybe someone knows a post or blog on BP that addresses this very question, or a link to the reference information. I had no such luck finding anything in regard to the above. If anyone would be so kind. Thank you.

Originally posted by @Jaysen Medhurst :

@Brian Thurmond, have you spoken with a lender yet? They're in the best position to confirm this particular property's eligibility. 

That said, I think you should be good as long as this is all on one lot.

Thank you for your reply. Much Appreciated. The lender I have spoken with is not up-to-date, but I would like to know specifics. I also know that lenders choose what they wish. I like knowing how to ask.