Tax sale Tenders Still Occupied

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I was wondering if someone could help answer a few questions. 

I just started looking into city tax sale tenders in my area and was wondering if anyone has ever purchased a property that was still occupied?

If so how did you handle it? 

Any information would be great.


A tax sale tender is where the property is being sold by the city for back taxes.

What they did was list all the properties that are eligible to sale due to delinquent property taxes.

You have till a set day and time to submit a price equal to or higher than what is owed. This is done in a city form and in a sealed envelope with the proper information labelled on it. After the set time, no other tenders will be accepted.

@David Pollard I have purchased hundreds of tax liens that are occupied. If you foreclose on the property or take it via  tax deed you still have to go through the legal process to get the occupants out.