Setbacks and vacant land value

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@Nate Falconer - Yes.  Setbacks help determine how much usable land is available to build on.  Sometimes setbacks will make some lots unbuildable because they have zoning regulations or septic requirements that require certain buffers that the setbacks may interfere with.  If those things are not a problem, then setbacks are just another regulation to be adhered to in the building process.

If you are concerned about the setback, septic, or other requirements, it is best to check with your local zoning office. You will also need to take into effect HOA and/or POA additional building restrictions.

@Nate Falconer One additional note regarding setbacks is determining the zoning of adjacent properties, as most municipalities have "buffer" requirements or overlays. For instance, there may be a standard 5'-10' setback from a rear or side property line, but if that adjacent parcel has a different zoning, then there may be an additional setback requirement, or limit on items such as height, use, access, etc. Check it all to make sure you can use the subject property in the way you intend. Good luck!