Flood Zone - Any information on a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)?

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Flood Zone's are often talked about as the hatred zone. The no-go zone. But I've recently been reading about FEMA's Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). Has anyone been issued a LOMA? How was the process? Is there any possibility that a surveyor could determine you're in a higher risk zone that originally quoted and drive the premium up? Any insight into the process would be helpful. Thanks!

Also, anyone heard of the new FEMA NFIP 2.0? FEMA has announced in October of 2021 they are releasing an updated program to their NFIP that can change flood insurance premiums and essentially re-evaluate how they are currently configured. Anyone have any thoughts on how this will be determined? Any change your current rates will increase?

Here's a link to their website for more information. https://www.fema.gov/nfiptransformation