How would a Trump impeachment affect real estate market?

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@Mark Fries just so we all understand how impeachment works - the President can (and probably will be) impeached but it’s VERY unlikely he’ll be removed from office because it will not get through the Senate (they need 67 votes for removal and the Senate is controlled by the GOP) - not going to happen.

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As others have said, there will be no impact.  During the impeachment investigations and hearings, the markets didn't really respond to what was happening during that time.  My opinion that the reason for that was because fundamentally  the businesses in the economy (profits, earnings, business growth, investment, etc) were still on solid ground.  The events happening on capital hill will not impact these business metrics that Wall Street looks for when evaluating a companies worth.  The market does get affected by trade talks between the US and China because the results of those talks could impact the business metrics I mentioned above.

Sometimes Wall Street does get emotional and trade based on those emotions, even though fundamentally, the economy has not changed.  You may see quick spike or dip in the market, but those are usually corrected within a very short period of time.

As others said, nothing to see here. It is just politics and clear how this will play out. House will vote along party lines to impeach. Senate will vote along party lines to not remove. No effect on the economy.

I think the SEC vote today on changing the definition of accredited investors could have a bigger impact. Any of you following that?