Hello everyone, 

Merry Christmas to everyone on BP! I'm a broker and also own a few investment properties, but in 2020 I'm venturing into purchasing properties to renovate and flip or rent as part of my business model. I'm also open to wholesaling houses if the deal doesn't make sense for me, but it potentially does for one of the investors I work with. I'm pitching myself as a broker that has multiple solutions ready to employ to help my clients. I created a worksheet I'm calling my "solution worksheet" (a bit of a dry name I know) where I give a brief breakdown of what the seller would net from the following three scenarios: 

1). I buy the property "as-is" and resell 

2). I buy the property "as-is" and rent

3). They renovate the property and list for sale with me

I'd like to get some feedback from some seasoned investors on the worksheet and where I can make improvements. I'm especially looking to fine tune the buy and hold option as I don't have much education on how to structure such a deal on the front end so after I BRRRR the deal (which would be my strategy since I'm using hard money to finance the acquisition and the reno) I have enough room to get SOME money back out of the deal. I have a lender who can do no seasoning 80% cash out refi's, so in my analysis I do a margin of 75% on my offer but I'm not sure if that's enough.

Anyway, any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!

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