I am in the process of finishing an owner occupied flip, while out to sea, I currently work on an oil tanker. When I return from this work tour in early March, I will hopefully be without a residence as the house will be sold or under contract. I'm not concerned about where I would stay the first few days home but wanted some opinions on my thoughts here. 

I'm currently debating an owner occupied flip, or renting and just straight flipping. I feel like I'd be wasting money renting, although I don't want to change houses regularly as I would be moving myself and my daughter from place to place. I was hoping to get some pros and cons of both options. 

I have been listening to many of the podcasts and I've heard several people say if they could do it again they wouldn't have done the first one owner occupied as having a contractor do the work would have allowed them to get money out sooner and into another property.