Moving to San Antonio

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I should be moving to San Antonio this may and I was wondering what are the up in coming areas around the north east side of town as I will be working around there. Is Schertz and Cibolo looking promising? How's Selma and is Bexar County good. Also is there any good VA loan lenders people prefer.



@Nico Tolliver what is your primary strategy. Some areas are better for buy and hold. Some for flips. You mentioned VA loans, are you wanting to live in the property and house hack or live in flip? More specifics will help you in getting an answer. My friend @David Pere has a whole network of military investors who may be able to help with the VA question. He's on FB and has a podcast and blog too. I'd recommend asking his group. Lots of military folks here. I'd assume lots of VA lenders too. Best of luck to you.

@Will Pritchett Thanks for the shoutout! I would be happy to help, and can definitely help you find the right lender, and/or agent in your market.

I got burned by a lender who didnt understand the VA loan once, and now Im dead set on helping others utilize it to the max!