Hi all,

I am trying to solve my sellers' problems but want to manage their expectations and not over promise anything. A sweet elderly couple are in a 2-story home in a solid neighborhood in Baltimore but need to move into a a one story and prefer a rancher. The wife has a disability and needs access to MobilityLink, the transit systems for folks who are disabled. They are both very attached to their current home because it is their first and only purchase back in 1997. The couple wants me to help him find them find a rancher that fits their needs. I tried to counsel them into considering renting due to the challenge of a bank giving them a long-term mortgage at their age. He seemed adamantly against that and is out of touch with the home-buying process. I tried to make it simple for him, but he thinks I can swap a rancher with him for his current home. I've set up an appointment for next week to check out their house and hope to connect with a realtor to find homes that may be a fit for them. They even volunteered me to drive them around to see other properties, lol. I don't mind. It'll be good experience in customer service and a heck of a story if the deal lands.

Not sure if I really have a question, but I hope I can help them out and I hope that we can work a deal out of this. I'm attempting to manage their expectations letting them know that as an investor we couldn't offer what they would probably want on the house especially considering the work that may need to be done. I let them know that what we can't offer in price we can offer and make up for in convenience and time and cash. And I discussed the possibility of them using the cash from our transaction on a down payment for their next home. Just hope our company can deliver. I'll keep you updated. Any advice is greatly appreciated.