I've read several articles all over the web and in the forums Pockets about the value of having a license. Ive also heard it come up many times in various podcast I've listened to. The value of a license is often said to be present in reduced commissions and access to the MLS and other tools. While that all makes sense I cant seem to find a consistent answer for an online education and testing option.
With the busy schedule Im leaning towards flexible online options to allow me to listen during commutes and watch at home in any spare time I can salvage.  In a web search I'll find ads promoting passing percentages and money back offers if you dont pass the exam but not sure what to believe.  Before I venture down a fruitless online option followed up by an expensive and time consuming classroom option as well I decided to reach out.  Im looking for anyone that successfully or even unsuccessfully went down this path for guidance and insight.   TY!!