"land owned" vs "space rent" for mobile/manufactured homes

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How can you find land owned mobile homes/manufactured homes in a MH park? Or will the space always be rented? I sometimes see an HOA listed and it turns out it's actually the space rent.

Hi @Verenna Huerta

I have never heard of a park in which the individual home owners own the land. I hesitate to say with 100% confidence that it does not exist but it's probably rare enough that you aren't likely to find it. If you want to own a mobile home and the land, your best bet is to look outside of parks. 

I could definitely see a community existing that has mobile homes and an HOA but then that would not be a mobile home park since the homeowners would own all the land in that community. Never heard of this before though so hopefully someone with more years of experience in the MHP world will hop on here and put this to rest!

Please, feel free to message me anytime if you have other questions or just want to chat!

Hi @Verenna Huerta .  I have only seen one park like this ever.  Very rare.  It might be challenging to build a business if you need a lot of opportunities like this.  Sorry to say.  

@Verenna Huerta You can ask the park manager if you already have a good, working relationship. Another route is to look up each address and see what comes up in the tax records. Many times, properties will be listed either as "real property" or "personal property" when it comes to getting taxed and paying taxes on properties. Hope that helps!