Best Real Estate Education

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In my experience, anyone who has had some success in REI seems to have some course or form of education that they begin to market to beginners who would like to make their first deal. I am the latter; trying to figure out how I can get my foot in the door of this behemoth of a market in Phoenix. I have one problem: I am super stingy when it comes to courses. Mostly because I rarely trust what people are marketing, and I'm on a tight budget as it is.

 I don't want to spend my hard earned money on something I can learn listening to the BP Podcast, I would much rather invest in education that is going to give me the tools I need to succeed. 

With that being said, is there any courses or education materials out there that I should look into that will be the best bang for my buck? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! 


I definitely shared your skepticism and tested out a few programs.  In my experience, I found two general types to stay away from:

1) Some of them appear to have been created because the founder got tired of real estate investing and wanted to build income around selling education.  These courses seem to have a never ending series of add-on products.  "So, you bought the lead generator system, now you should buy the turn-key website program."

2) Others programs are designed to bring deal-flow to the founder.  These are obvious when all they teach is how to FIND deals and don't teach you anything about how to close the deal, operate the property, or how to dispose of the asset properly later. In their mind you learn the rest when they take over the deal from you, and you learn as a minority partner.

One thing that I've also noticed is that both of these types of tend to go out of business quickly, either because they get thrown in jail for fraud or they don't survive a recession simply because they aren't adding value.  I'd encourage you to check out programs that have been around a LONG time.

I also recommend you check out Lifestyles Unlimited.  I've been a member since 2011. They have been in business for 30 years, have 50,000 members, and recently opened a physical office in your back yard.  You mentioned that you were concerned about spending a lot of money.  Their basic membership is very cheap and gives you the opportunity to learn a lot from successful investors.  Moreover, they are not a hard upsell organization so you won't every get pitched to open a new credit card or be asked to call to expand your limit.