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So here I am a single mom in her 40s that went though a divorce lost big in 2010 lost my home and 300 K input down on it. Now 6 years later moved out of Silicon Valley in 2015 to northern Calif bought a home 4/3 for 290k. Moved out of there two years later in 2017 and rented it. It’s up by 200k!

Is it time to sell or keep it since my  goal is to have multiple rentals. Why sell a Cali priory I owe less then 300 k and it rents for 2500!? 

inlive in acreage with two homes the cottage rent is 1400 And I live in the main farm hosue. it pays half of my main house mortgage. So I'm in a good spot and I make 190k a year as an emergency room nurse.

I do have some cash not much 50k to invest 
should I not sell that property my first rental it has great bones new rooof windows floors paint so cute but not my dream hosue or retirement hosue too many stairs I also see one of my kids maybe needing torment it or live in it one day sweet little HOA community

I’m not the best saber shoot I should have so much like my saved since I make good income but I have a damn hobby farm that takes up my money damn goats and chickens lol 

But I need to be savvy. So I have this first house it’s up 200k it’s a high time do I sell and use that money to begin investing in mayne other cheaper California properties and god knows where maybe even Oklahoma Cory where I have some distant family 

I need advice. I have no family much anymore no parents passed no siblings that help answer these they are mostly in jail or on welfare so I’m pretty alone in my venture and I want to be a successful  financially savvy and well off woman!  


Holy auto-correct or voice to text (I hope).  It depends what you want to do with CA and prop 13 your property taxes are lower on something you already own that has gone up in value.  It seems you are just starting out so I probably wouldn't go out of state, at least not yet especially to a place like OKC where it is just very different than what you're used to.

If you want to grow your cash flow, it's likely worth it. If equity is the primary concern, probably best to keep what you have if you can hold firm if the market dips.

If you go out of state make sure you vet the team you buy, rehab and/or manage with really well. They'll be the back bone of your success.