Building ADU in Bay area

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As the bay area housing market does not seem to slow down, I am looking to buy a duplex or single family w/ADU as my primary residence for supplemental income.

As such houses are in high demand and few to come by, I am also considering a single family with a potential of building an ADU in the backyard.

1. Has anyone recently built an ADU in bay area? Can you share your cost/experience/contacts?

2. Any agents who can help me find such homes, please feel free to contact me on BP.

3. Share recommendations for agents/contractors.

Thank you, for helping me out in this overwhelming process.

@Kunal Lakhwani - I am a licensed agent with Keller Williams. I have helped a few clients with you search parameters over the past few years. I am also personally building an ADU at my home. Feel free to PM me if you are still looking and need help or advice.