Deeper Understanding of How forbearance work

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I have only taken out mortgage twice in my life and paid back in 2 years. So I really have limited knowledge as to how everything in mortgage works. Can someone answer my questions on the following about forbearance?

1. What qualifies someone for forbearance extension and how easily can one be qualified for it? (Be aware I am asking for forbearance extension not forbearance)

2. When forbearance and forbearance extension ends, is the bank requesting all owed funds during the forbearance paid back at once? Or is bank will do some creative ways for people to pay back slowly?

3. Where do you guys get data on forbearance? (Such as number of ppl who filed forbearance etc).

All banks are different so you really should ask that bank what they will do.  It should have, though, been stipulated on the forbearance contract.