Persons with disabilities mortgage options

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My wife and I have been looking into options into buying a house for one of our two, sons that have autism. He will be 18 soon and would like to start getting pieces into motion and explore our options. Any recommendations on a lender who has experience in these special loan programs and grants? 

@Nic Hill Hello Sir, I am an autistic real estate investor. I have never heard of a special loan for disabled or more specifically autistic people. Is it possible you might have gotten confused about the special loans for military vets?

Morning @Perry Gibson  

there is allot of mixed information when searching for these options. I was hoping maybe there was someone out there that has had any personal experience in this topic. I spoke to a local realtor who's niece is autistic, and was told that she was able to apply for a non repayable housing grant so she can get the 3% down on a FHA. Please let me know your thoughts and thank you for responding

@Nic Hill as I said, I have never heard of such a thing, but if you have discovered such a thing, then please share whatever info you have, as I am not above taking a discount on a mortgage for being autistic.