VA Loans Rehab loan lender

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Hello everyone. I'm a mortgage broker only licensed in CO and my wholesale lenders do NOT offer it right now. We have military orders in CA and looking to buy. We have a realtor already, but I'm in search of a lender that is doing VA Rehab loans in California. Does anyone one of one here? TIA

@Alejandra Stack Nobody is right now, the Department of Veterans Affairs themselves are the ones who put the brakes on the renovation loan. Citing the pandemic as the reason they don't want to let appraisers walk through homes. Not sure when that will life.

I do have an incredible VA lender I could introduce you to here in Cali, but he isn't doing the renovation loan right now.

Thank you Sir. for your response. I spoke with Veterans Affair this morning and stated they are not the ones that have stopped the VA Reno Loan, but to find the lender that does and another Veteran reached out to VA and got the same response. Loan Depot replied with bringing it back later this year. I was hoping someone will have started offering it. If you don't mind sharing the lender here in Cali either way to see if I can talk to them incase we see them come back.

Thank you!