Great Jones Missouri Review

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Great Jones gives property management a bad name.  Sheesh.  I currently have two properties that GJ "manages" in the Saint Louis area.  First, you cannot speak with the actual PM in the area because, from what I understand, she oversees over 500 properties in the STL area.

GJ has a centralized nationwide Customer Service Department, which I initially thought would be a great positive.  However, it's VERY difficult to get anyone to answer the phone.  If someone does answer the phone, more often than not the representative is rude and condescending.  Sometimes helpful, many times not.  As owners, we're encouraged to communicate via email, which is incredibly frustrating, annoying, and time-consuming.

The Maintenance Department does not effectively communicate with Customer Service.  And so, if there are special notes on a property (such as "tenant pays for all maintenance"), Maintenance does not adhere to them.  

As an owner, I cannot communicate directly with Renewals.  This is a challenge, especially when they have a tendency to screw up lease renewals and not even follow-up with either the tenant or the owner.

All in all, the experience with Great Jones has been very painful.  I feel like I should have just self-managed and saved a lot of money, time and frustration.  

I'm sure there are really great property managers out there.  Unfortunately, "Great" Jones does not fall into this category.  Their service has been surprisingly disappointing and ineffective.