How to add improvements in a Texas TREC standard condo contract?

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I am looking for ways to incorporate known costs into a Texas standard TREC condo form between myself and the seller on an off market deal.

I have a list of things that I want done, so I would like to include these in the contract and bump the sales price to cover these by the seller to minimize out of pocket costs.

I have just completed a remodel on a similar unit in the building so I know pretty much what I want to do this round 😉

New AC needed. $5400

Electrical work needed. $1500

Plumbing work (replace all shutoff valves as recommended by HoA & install shutoff valves for the unit) $1500

SS appliances $1750

Furniture $2500

Lighting fixtures $800

Replace doors and paint $1500

What can be included?

My title company said they would just need an invoice at closing to cut a check to the contractor.

From my research (I am not a realtor) it appears this must go in section 7.d(2) of the form:

(2) Buyer accepts the Property As Is provided Seller, at Seller’s expense, shall complete the

following specific repairs and treatments: ________

. Do not insert general phrases, such as “subject to inspections,” that do not identify

specific repairs and treatments.)

Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks for the creative financing assist! The last condo put a bigger strain on my finances than I expected, so trying to learn from it this round 😇

Thanks. Les