So I have a few properties in another state I used to live in. I have some of them with a property manager that also has some contractors they work with. It was ours understanding that if we bought something down there The property manager/realtor would use their contractors and manage the project to get it rent ready. So we made an offer on a bank owned house that the realtor/property manager felt would make a good rental. Her contractor of choice came made a bid that was basically half of what we were  purchasing the house for and still does not include a number of things that would need to be done to make your rent ready. The house is in fair shape. I talked to the contractor about the high bid and he let me know that he had to make a living and he had plenty of work going on without my work. The property manager/realtor went on a two week vacation and is not really available to discuss the situation I have a day left to pull out of the contract due to my inspection Period. I’m kind of at a loss of what to do.

 It’s just trying to do things out of the area when my initial contact/team on the ground is leaving me trying to figure out what to do and leaving me to deal with the contractor directly and the contractor has more work than they can get to as it is. 
The property has a big inground swimming pool which the PM said that lots of people would want and the renter would simply have to sign a waiver. Our insurance guy is not all that optimistic.