Lending options for purchasing out of state

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I am currently looking to relocate from SC to FL. I am currently employed full-time in SC. If I wanted to use my employment in SC as means to qualify for a mortgage while at the same time purchase a home in FL as my primary residence. What are the (best) lending option for me? I am also trying to keep the down payment as low as possible. I would be interested in hearing any of the conventional lending options as well as any other options at all possible.


I would be living rent fee in SC during the home purchase and yes the new home would be my primary home. I know it would be easiest to just find a job in FL and then buy a home, but I am in quite a time crunch and would not have time to gain employment in FL is fast as I would like to. I will continue to stay employed in SC until I close on the new home and then leave my job in SC. I know that is not the smartest way to do this but the new job in FL is the easiest part. I just need to close on a house in FL and want to know that best lending options I would have.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks All

Hey @Joe Detore I would find a way to close on that new primary residence before your employment status changes. Lenders do not like employment changes. I am not sure of your traditional options here. 

In terms of private money you could build a rental portfolio as an out of state investor. However you can not live in these properties. 

Just a thought.

Good Luck!