Realtors Running Numbers

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General question. Does anyone out there have a real estate agent who “run the numbers” for you and say “buy this house/complex”? I have been investing for a few years and have worked with a handful of agents but have never had someone run the numbers and tell me to buy a deal. Yes, I know it’s my responsibility to make sure it pencils and I would never take someone’s word, but have anyone found a relator that tees them up for success? I’m not looking for a realtors name just your experience.

Hi Chris! 

In this hot market most agents will not have the time to run the numbers for you. Their job as the agent is to bring you the property or deal and you as the investor need to decide if it fits your criteria for an investment. 

Good agents will help with having connections to property managers, contractors, etc. and know good areas to invest in. But outside of that you will need to run the on your own so they are accurate and correct. Hope this helps!