Waterloo/Kitchener Canada Investors

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Hi Josh,

I am a first-time investor also looking for real estate investors, agents, brokers, lawyers, etc. in KW region to network with. I am 20 and looking to 'house hack' a duplex ASAP.

From my limited experience the market appears crazy in this area right now, with sky-high prices and bidding wars left right and centre. Take this with a grain of salt because I do not own any properties and this is just based on what I've seen online.

What is your situation? Are you a first time buyer or do you have some properties under your belt?



@Josh Robert Stephens  

Hi Josh:  I am a KW investor and Real Estate Broker and own a Property Management company in KW.  And I have also partnered with a builder in KW for some small projects.  

I can tell you that we have an excellent market here for price appreciation and for high rental income rates on properties.

I believe our diverse economy here will keep us going for a number of years!

If you want any more specifics and if I can help you then please let me know.  Cheers!