My first deal in Hunstville, AL - Recommendations

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Hello Team,

After 6 months of analysis and back and forth, I had good success in Ocala, FL an KC-MO, but I have my first deal closed in Huntsville(more later on deals analysis). Still not getting any luck with Chattanooga which is another market I am closely trying. 

I would like to know, if you have good success with Property Management teams in Huntsville market as my property in in C area(35810) and like to get a very good team who can find good tenants and handle the property well.

Also, if you had general contractors who you had success with as well, as I am looking to do new flooring to this home. 

Please DM or PM me me. Thanks, Happy long weekend!

35810 is my favorite zip, lots of good things happening there. Congrats on the Acquisition. You're going to want to talk to a minimum of 3 different managers before making the pick. I'd give Michelle Cummings a call and pick a couple others as well from threads here on BP. Try searching the forums for Huntsville manager to see other threads too

@Scott Vantre Great. I did use Michelle as PM eventually and she found a tenant with 2-3 days and immediate move in. No issues so far. I have one more under the contract now there which closes in oct first week too. Market is no longer crazy which is good but still inflated and hard to find good deals.

Agree with @Caleb Bryant - 35810, as well as 35805, are the two zip codes that have probably had the most potential deals throughout this crazy real estate cycle.  

They are also two zip codes you can get burned on really easily if you don't know the neighborhoods and don't spend the time doing your due diligence.  

Hi could you give recommendations on zip code in ocala fl as well as agent and your team you worked with? I’m looking to acquire there as well. For Huntsville, I agree on the 35810 as my rental is there and doing well.