First Direct Mail Marketing Done

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Good evening BP Community! 

I just wanted to share that I just completed my first first step towards doing a direct mail marketing campaign for the Cincinnati market. I'm am brand new to direct mail marketing so I don't know if what I did will get me any leads but I figured it's better to try and fail than to never try at all. I also wanted to share how I did it to hopefully help any newbies like myself get started doing a direct mail campaign of their own.  

I found my list using Propstream ( and used their tools to filter the list down to what I am interested in investing in. It took me awhile to figure out how to use all the filters and I'm sure I will continue to make adjustments to my list in the future, because like I said before; I'm a newbie to this. I filtered the list down from over 14,000 properties to around 183 properties. I filtered out the property types, occupancy status and years owned/equity in the property. I then crossed referenced the zip codes with the Trulia crime map to make sure that those properties I was hoping to buy in wasn't in a war zone.   

I then took that list of 183 properties and exported to an excel document and uploaded it to the application Ballpoint Marketing ( This application is cool because the mail that it creates looks like hand written letters, making it look less like an advertisement. It cost me around $273 for the 183 letters but it was worth it. I figured if I was going to handwrite 183 letters it would at least take me at least 5 mins to write and address and stamp the letters. 183 letters x 5 mins = 915 minutes. 915 mins / 60 mins = 15 hours. I was able to save around 15 hours of my time and direct it towards finding and analyzing more deals. 

If anyone has any advise one what to do once the letters are sent out would be greatly appreciated. I heard that following up with your letters is an important step. Any advise or systems that you use to make this more efficient? 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

- Kevin   

@Kevin Taylor

Welcome to the Cincinnati market! Congrats on taking action, I hope your list pans out. If you need any help here locally or just have questions feel free to reach out, best of luck on your campaign!