Advice on exterior cracks in brick wall

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Hi all - 

I am close to submitting an offer on a SFR. Upon viewing the property some cracks to the exterior walls were evident. How does this look to people? I know that I will need to bring in a structural engineer once I go under contract but am wondering if I should pass on the property or reduce my bid substantially (I had planned to bid 5% below listing but maybe 15% or greater makes more sense).

Grateful for outside perspectives.  Thanks.

I have seen far worse. It looks like someone tried to patch with cement and foam. It could be mostly cosmetic, but you want to make sure there are not larger foundation issues. This would not scare me away, but have foundation expert look at it during due diligence period. 

Looks like you've had some movement. The raised porch areas are the main concern, they may need to be demo'ed and redone. Based on the age of the bricks, the house was likely framed first and then a brick facade or veneer was installed. This is more visual than anything. Certainly have an expert have a look before you proceed further. Hard to place a number on this by looking at pictures.....

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@Colin McVeigh In my neck of the woods you can do it one of two ways. You can either knock the price down initially and risk not getting a contract, or put it under contract, get the inspections and then renegotiate based on the result of the inspections.

I did one over the summer where I put a 3 unit under contract for $300,000 and after the inspection I came back and said I could take it or leave it but the most I was going to pay was $200,000 and the owner tried to counter at $240,000 and I said no I’m firm at $200,000 and she took it. I did get an estimate of $100,000 for the repairs which is where my counter offer came from but I think it’ll be closer to $65,000.