Sedalia, MO Commercial Broker or Contractor Contacts

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Does anyone on here have a contact or know who the main commercial real estate brokers are in Sedalia, MO? Researching that area looks like it's mainly residential real estate agents or commercial brokers from Kansas City? I recently purchased a property there that I'd like to list or possibly build out to a QSR as a NNN lease building. Any references would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I know that's a rural town so you'd need to look in suburbs close to it. I might be able to help or can connect you with another broker

@Cody Fresh , I’m from the Sedalia area and have rentals there. If you want to list your property I’d call Tony Monsees. If you want to rehab it shoot me a message, my contractor recommendation is dependent on your project specifics (timing, budget, scope, etc). Hope this helps.