Medical building and parking variances

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We bought a medical building a little over a year ago.  Actually, it was a general office building that was stripped down and rehabbed from the studs in 2004 by the previous owner.  It was being marketed as a medical building and only half the building was occupied.  We bought the building and continued to market it as a medical building and found a tenant. During the building of the TIs, the planning dept said we didnt have enough parking spaces to comply with the current codes.  We applied for a variance and was granted it even though we were 19 spaces short.  Now we have one last unit to rent out at about 2100 sf.  However, now we will have to apply for another variance.  Given that we are already 19 spaces short for our current tenants, do you think it's even possible to get another variance for an additional 12 spaces?  

Has anyone come across this kind of problem?  If so, what are other options.  I thought of leasing spaces from a nearby property and applying for an easement.  Does anyone know of any other strategies?  Thanks so much!

I'm not familiar with the California market but there are a few things we've done in the DC area to gain easements. One of them is the above mentioned leasing of spots in a nearby property, this is a straightforward and good way to go about this. Sometimes the easements have to be renewed so you may have to tie the parking lease to the tenant lease to the easement but this isn't the case every time. 

Over here all the local governments have gone gaga over the mixed use/transit oriented development trend. Designing a bunch of bike racks into the property can sometimes mitigate some parking spots for you. Another option would be potentially assigning some parking lot spaces as designated car pool spots which might get you a 5 spots for each carpool spot type of allowance. Yet another option would be funding construction of a bus shelter/stop in front of the property if there is an existing bus lane running along there. 

Finally, one last thing as far as existing lot management goes is motorcycle/moped parking. You can get 4 of these into a traditional spot designed correctly which might help you in meeting that parking quota.

@Ray Browne  Thanks Ray!  Those are some things I would have never thought of.  

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