How to get a condo map for a commercial building

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Hello BP Commercial RE folks!

What is the process for getting a condo map of a commercial building

that is a cold shell currently for sale?  A buyer is interested in buying half

of the office space instead of the whole space that is for sale currently.

Who in the local city government is the person to contact to get a condo

map of the building created?

Thank you!

Tim Corboline

The county recorder's office. Condo maps are recorded just like any other map, if you have the base APN or address then searching based on that should give you what you need. 

Thanks "@Matt Devincenzo

But this building has never been condo'd. My question was about how to get a condo map created for this building and the process involved there.  Do you know how that is done?

Thank you!

Call the local building department and speak to someone there.  It's not an easy, or cheap, process from what I recall.  They can give you the guidelines.

Ahh sorry I missed the "create" part.

Contact a local Civil Engineer and/or surveyor. We do some of this here in our office (Civil Engineer). 

Usually we work in conjunction with the surveyor providing us the measurements/bearings, and the attorney reviewing the CC&R's and language in any joint use or common area agreements. We handle the drafting, compiling and processing of the map itself through the City. Once it's complete we get everything recorded with the County.

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