Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Commercial Properties?

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Hi all,

I work for a clean energy nonprofit in Washington DC that deals with clean energy, and we just got word that the DC government is giving away funding to commercial real estate properties (anywhere from 5-100 unites big) who are interested in doing energy efficiency upgrades to their unit. The rebates/discounts are pretty great for owners on the smaller scale of commercial properties.

I was this something that commercial property owners are even interested in? Is this an incentive that landlords pursue when managing their commercial properties? And if so, does anyone know anybody in Washington DC that would be interested in this and that I could reach out to? 

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@Chi Pham

Energy efficiency retrofits are at the core of our buy-and-hold strategy.  We look for older properties in good locations which are nose against obsolescence and determine if we can modernize and rejuvenate them.  Improving the comfort and efficiency of the building is part of the deal.

That said, the bigger players in our area are not quite there yet - most still seem to operate under the mode of "unload utilities on tenants" to improve the bottom line.  Which is an inexpensive play with short-term rewards.  Even when building new, many, perhaps most, are making no effort to build beyond minimum code.  Once the newness of these buildings wears off, they will be on the turn-over treadmill just like their existing properties.

Perhaps these landlords are resigned to turnover being an ummutable factor in their business model, where our goal is to reduce it to 5% or less.

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ummutable = immutable

Quick question, I work with a group that converts hotel properties to green energy and fully self sustaining properties. Do you have vendors for commercial projects already? Are you looking for any others, if not? Please connect if interested.


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