Billboard investing

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Does anyone know how to invest in Bill Boards and the ROI on this type of investment? Thanks.

Curious to hear others experience as well...

Here is an older forum on here that discusses it. I am curious also, had an "interview" with the Rich Dad Poor Dad Investing coaches and they make it sound like it is simple to get into but haven't found a lot of information on the specific how to's and I am not willing to pay $6k for their coaching.

I have a friend that owns hundreds if not thousands of billboards.  Now he is building $500,000 double sided electronic billboards.  I asked him a few months ago how long it took him to get his investment back on those.  He said if sales go well, 12 months, although he anticipates that it will take him 20 to 24 months to fully recoup his investment in each billboard.  The return was too variable on the smaller, more affordable billboards for him to give me an answer.  He said it depended on how much he had to pay for the existing billboard, if it was a new land lease or not, and that his labor, insurance and materials cost continue to increase, etc. He did mention that he made tens of millions annually in gross profit.

@Curtis - It appears there are several ways to buy bill boards but the most popular one is 

1. Sold by large media companies for a long term (20 year) land lease and permits running upwards of $250,000 (better location, higher price) and most time the buyer has to get their own LED. Digital bill boards can cost upto 100K each side - just in this example, the cost is $450,000.  It would be astounding to  recover this type of investment and other annual expenses within 12 -24 months.  

This type of investing seems to have a 'mystery' type of feel - not much information out there. Would your friend be able to provide more details. Thanks.

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