I need help with a farming letter for Commercial Real Estate!!

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I want to send a few letters out to a few retail and big box stores for a piece of raw land that my office has for sale in my hometown. Not sure exactly what to say in the letter and what or what not to add as far as maps of the site, listing info, etc. Any and all suggestion would be greatly appreciated as I am fairly new to the real estate world. Thank you so much for your time!!


Hello Joel! Thank you so much for responding! It is 48 +/- acres zoned C-3 with water and sewer allocated. The property is next to a Walmart and a Home Depot on a major highway.

48 acres is massive. You might have to work to split that up into smaller parcels you can sell off in phases. If someone takes the 48 acres all at once it will need to be cheap and have enough upside for them.

Not many projects reach 48 acres in size for commercial. Once they reach a certain size counties and cities have a DRI ( direction of regional impact ) review. Lot's of more red tape to get through because a project of that size will cause ripples into other areas so they scrutinize it heavily versus smaller projects that tend to fly under the radar.