Commercial Real Estate Book for Beginners?

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Hello all.  I am looking to learn more about investing in commercial real estate (specifically office buildings) before I start looking for a deal.  Does anyone have recommendations for a book on the topic that is good for beginners?  Thanks in advance.

@Brian Schmelzlen   I have been trying to pick up as much knowledge as I can regarding the subject as well. The only book I have read so far is "The Real Estate Game" by William Poorvu. It was great read and I definitely recommend it. 

Here is a couple link that I have book marked along the way as well. Hope it helps!

The most helpful one I've read so far is Crushing It In Apartments and Commercial Real Estate by Brian Murray. Pretty thorough. Even has an overview of the underwriting considerations from the OCC handbook in the appendix. Gives you a sneak peak behind the curtain. Shows you where banks developed their underwriting criteria. Which will really come in handy as you prepare your own finances for multifamily financing. 

I also just recently read the Perfect Investment by Paul Moore. To me though it seemed like one big pitch for his investment firm and another mentoring program he advocates. But if fractional ownership or syndication is of interest you might find it helpful. Lots of good info on why large multifamily is the way to go but it sounds like you're already aware!

Thank you for the recommendations. I actually just bought Crushing It yesterday to take advantage of Cyber Monday.

I forgot I listened to that about a month back on audiobook. Some great insight in that as well. The one thing that is consistent between SFT and CRE is the hustle. He provided a lot of great examples of doing something today so that tomorrow is better.

I have read a couple commercial RE (non residential) books and didn't think much of them.  You will get a better education by reading posts on this forum.

The Real Estate Game by Pervu(sp)

Classic Foundational Book

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