Seeking Chicago Commercial Broker: storefront space specialist

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Hi - a friend of mine has had great success opening a spa in St Louis and wants to open one in Chicago.  If you know of a rock star Commercial Agent who specializes in storefront space, I welcome the referral.  Thank you!

I think what @Casity Kao was inferring was which of the 77 neighborhoods is your friend looking to have a store front in @Catherine Brennan ? That will better help us send over the right referral.

To be safe, I can give you a referral of one of the top commercial guys in the city. He generally works the northside from division/Irving and from the lake/western. Catch is he is picky about clientele being pretty higher end. If it’s a smaller gig, a coworker of mine would suffice for sure.

Feel free to send me a DM and I’ll set you up. Good luck

@Catherine Brennan Referrals from people you don't know?  How is that a good referral?  A lot of people faking it on Bigger Pockets so if it was a referral from someone you are familiar with I could see that but you have to vet the person giving the referral then as well.