Seeking Chicago Commercial Broker: storefront space specialist

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Hi - a friend of mine has had great success opening a spa in St Louis and wants to open one in Chicago.  If you know of a rock star Commercial Agent who specializes in storefront space, I welcome the referral.  Thank you!

@Catherine Brennan Go on LoopNet or the MLS and look for properties that you think would fit the bill, and see who is listing all the spaces you want. Whomever that is who you should go with to start.

What area of Chicago are you targeting for this space ?   That would help better identify someone who could help you. 

Thank you @Casity Kao ;  however, I'd really like to put her in good hands from the get-go by getting referrals instead of trial and error.  @Ronan M. , she wants to be in the City, but she's open to suburbs too if the agent can help her with solid demographic info. 

I think what @Casity Kao was inferring was which of the 77 neighborhoods is your friend looking to have a store front in @Catherine Brennan ? That will better help us send over the right referral.

To be safe, I can give you a referral of one of the top commercial guys in the city. He generally works the northside from division/Irving and from the lake/western. Catch is he is picky about clientele being pretty higher end. If it’s a smaller gig, a coworker of mine would suffice for sure.

Feel free to send me a DM and I’ll set you up. Good luck

@Catherine Brennan Referrals from people you don't know?  How is that a good referral?  A lot of people faking it on Bigger Pockets so if it was a referral from someone you are familiar with I could see that but you have to vet the person giving the referral then as well.

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