Litter Removal Bussiness

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This question is for commercial property manager. I was listening to a Bigger Pockets Podcast and heard a man started a successful business doing daily litter removal from commercial properties. I wanted start a discussion with property managers and see if there is a demand for such a business? Is there anything I should be aware of? Any information or advice would be greatly appreaciated.



@Ryan Pryor I am not a commercial property manager but have a lot of commercial and residential properties and I can tell you that is definitely a good business to start.

It's very hard to find a  good, reliable, reasonably priced contractor to do trash pickup and trash-out type work following an eviction.

The need is there in both residential and commercial. In residential think smaller apartment complexes and hoas.

Easy enough to find out who owns and manages them and most of them will at the very least sign you up as a backup to their current provider.

I have to say though, it's probably not a real easy business. You have to find people to work for you for a fairly low hourly billing rate and yet be reliable. These days many businesses are looking for those same type people.

Also, there's some complexity in what to do with stuff (if it's not just trash). I'm working on a flip right now with 5 old propane tanks I found under the back porch. What do you do with those?

Another house I'm fixing up had a stack of old tires in the back yard buried in tall grass. There are a surprising number of things you can't just put in the trash or haul to a landfill.

You also have to know the worth of stuff that is left. People sometimes leave large, heavy metal items that are worth a lot in scrap.

Finally, it's a logistical challenge. How much stuff is there and what's the best way to get it somewhere else with a minimum of fuel?

I end up doing a lot of this type of work myself because there are very few vendors in my area so I personally would welcome more vendors :) 

@Jeff Kehl, Thank you for your reply. I hadn’t thought of the propane situation. That is something that might happen. I’m still debating starting one up. It looks to be low in cost to start, but scared of it failing.